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How to care for a bathing suit

We all know having investing on a good bathing suit or swimsuit are expensive and learning how to take care of them will help them looking great all season. Whether you use your swimsuit daily or just once in a while when vacationing, the fabric can take a beating from pool chemicals, sand, temperatures, and sunscreen lotions.

1. Your swimsuit should be rinsed as soon as possible in cool, tap water after each time you wear ti whether for swimming or sunbathing.

If you have time to allow the suit to soak in cool water for 30 minutes, that is even better for the fabric. This will remove most of the chemicals, salt, sand, and body soil that can damage the fabric.

Perspiration and body oils react with the elasticity of the fibers causing them to stretch; so removing them as soon as possible is important to help a swimsuit keep its shape. Almost every swimsuit contains spandex or Lycra, so again, prompt cleaning is important. The chlorine in pools and hot tubs can harm a swimsuit's elasticity and cause the fabric to change color. White swimsuits are particularly susceptible to chlorine and will turn yellow because chlorine eats away the white fibers surrounding the inner yellow cor of synthetic fibers.

2. After rinsing out the suit, you must hand wash correctly.

Plain water does not remove all of the salt or chlorine. Refill the sink with cool water and add just a tablespoon or less of liquid laundry detergent. Don't use powders because they may not dissolve completely or rinse away well. And, never use chlorine bleach to whiten or remove stains. If you are in a pinch, you can use just a dab of shampoo to wash your suit but skip any combination products that contain hair conditioners. Turn your swimsuit inside out and submerge it in the solution.

Swish for several minutes and then rinse well. Gently squeeze-don't wring-the water out of the fabric.

3. Spread your suit flat to dry in a spot out of direct sunlight.

The UV rays from the sun can both fade and break down the fibers in your suit. Never use an automatic clothes dryer. Sunscreens and self-tanners can leave hard to remove stains on swimwear.



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