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About Utopia 

Utopia Resort Wear is an ethical swimwear brand founded by designer Ana Del Pozo. The products are designed and manufactured in the Caribbean, following the concept of Slow Fashion, characterized by a timeless design line. The brand offers functional pieces for the conscious consumer who seeks to maximize the lifespan of their fashion garments.

All about Utopia 


This brand, founded and created by fashion designer Ana Del Pozo, offers creative designs for the modern woman, allowing her to feel and look good on any occasion. Our styles not only follow fashion trends but also recognize the importance of comfort and affordability in today's market.

Inspired by beach life, the characteristic joy of the Caribbean, and weekend pleasure trips, Utopia transports you to Caribbean living by providing swimwear and fashion products designed and handmade in the Caribbean for women worldwide.

Our social commitment involves creating conceptualized designs manufactured by Dominican hands, under responsible work processes and production in the fashion sector.


We encourage local consumption as a reasonable alternative, advocating for a sustainable production model for the environment through the use of respectful materials and manufacturing processes. At the same time, we support the local economy by generating quality jobs under responsible ethics and social value in the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean.


Founder - Creative Director 


  Slow Fashion, with pieces produced in limited quantities and made to order under a timeless and functional design line.


Motivating to maximize the useful life of clothing and collaborate in the preservation of the environment.


Designs conceptualized and created by Dominican hands under responsible work and production processes in the fashion sector; encouraging local consumption as a reasonable alternative 


Use of recycled fabrics from big brand manufacturers and fabrics made from plastic from recycled bottles;  produced in limited quantities and made to order


Local and international shipping with delivery  door to door.

Products made in the Dominican Republic  

for everyone.  

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